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Our Loan Programs


The Right Loan For The Right Borrower

At Blue Water Home Loans, we specialize in providing the right loan for the right borrower.  Our passion is consulting.  We not only want to help you finance your home loan, but provide expert consultation during the entire process..

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Before you even begin to search for a new home, we can help determine what loan amount may be appropriate for you. We evaluate your current financial situation, including your income, debts, savings, and employment status. Based on the information you provide, we determine the mortgage amount you are expected to qualify for and issue a pre-qualification letter.

As you search for the right home with your realtor, you will be confident that we will find you the best home mortgage at a rate you’ve earned.


When you start your search for a new home, call or come in and meet with a licensed mortgage professional at Blue Water Home Loans to obtain mortgage pre-approval. Our experienced and local underwriters will verify your income, assets, and credit score in order to issue a pre-approval letter that specifies your approved mortgage amount.

A pre-approval letter provides you with a necessary competitive advantage that makes your offer stand out to a seller. It is a commitment to lend and assures a seller that you are ready to finance a new home.

Our Mortgage Map

To prepare you for home ownership in twelve months or less, you will work with our specialists to strategize and determine the best plan to get you ready to buy a new home. For some, the Map will include establishing credit to build a strong credit score. For others, it will involve building a savings schedule for a down payment or rebalancing your credit load to better position you to take on a mortgage.

By working our Mortgage Map, you prepare yourself to meet the conditions necessary to secure a home mortgage.

Credit Enrichment

Through our Credit Enrichment program, we help put you in the best position to obtain a home mortgage. When mortgage lenders review your application, they look at your ability to pay back the loan and your willingness to pay back the loan. Your income-to-debt obligation ratio is key in determining your ability to repay, while your credit score is essential in determining your willingness to repay. Ultimately, your credit score drives whether you qualify for a mortgage and determines the interest rate you will earn.

By taking steps to manage your finances, you can improve your overall credit score. Our Credit Enrichment Program pairs you with one of our specialists to assess your current credit situation. Our specialists will work with you to develop and implement strategies to improve your credit score. This may include creating savings plans, establishing repayment schedules, or disputing information on your credit report.

Contact us today to obtain a copy of your credit report.  If your score isn’t where you want it to be, or if you have inaccurate information on your report, Blue Water Home Loans can help you get back on track.